Dr Neil Baker, Test Systems Manager – Sydney

“Karina has been consulting to Cochlear for a number of years, supporting us with the development of a variety of test solutions. The quality and completeness of her work is outstanding, among the best we have worked with. She works exceptionally well on-site, working side by side with our team, or independently requiring minimal oversight. Karina is quick to come up to speed with the problem we’re looking to resolve and is able to run with whatever amount of work we need of her. I wouldn’t hesitate in my recommendation of EnvisEng.”


Dr Chris Fell, Principal Research Scientist – Energy

“The first project we gave Karina was a large and loosely-defined instrument control / data acquisition system for our outdoor photovoltaics research facility and solar ground station. There were at least a dozen different components, most with different requirements for power and communications. We needed high reliability, accurate synchronisation, efficient storage for high data volumes and a user interface that would stand the test of time. The system also needed to operate within the constraints of CSIRO’s secure network, and to deal elegantly with instrument failures and power outages.

Karina quickly identified the remaining design decisions we had to make, then provided a comprehensive work breakdown and quote. She then delivered, within the agreed timeframe and price, a package that has worked essentially flawlessly for three years. Karina has been very responsive with support and the implementation of new features as we have identified the need for them. She has subsequently done several other LabView projects for us and we continue to be very satisfied.”

Duncan MacDonald

“I can’t easily type out how impressed I am with your work. I have never seen something come straight out of a memory stick and work great – non stop for months now.”


Professor Ian Turner, Director of Water Research Laboratory

“Karina Taylor has provided 10 years of invaluable support to develop and implement a number of LabView applications in the field and laboratory. A pleasure to work with.”


Kirsten Hannam, Principal Technical Officer – Brisbane

“EnvisEng was selected by Cochlear Limited, as a LabVIEW software development contractor, for several of our critical test system software upgrade projects. EnvisEng provided a very flexible, personal and professional approach throughout these projects.

Karina Taylor was always willing to listen to the permanently changing project needs and she has found solutions for every curve ball which was thrown at her. Karina has consistently looked ahead and addressed isues as they emerged. She has always put the needs of Cochlear first and therefore ensured smooth progress throughout the projects.

Karina had to do most of the project work via a remote desktop connection, therefore excellent and clear communication with our staff was of very high importance. Karina mastered this project requirement with great skill and it was a pleasure for all our staff to work with Karina.

Perhaps Karina’s most valuable asset was her hands-on approach and ability to translate our test requirements into reliably working LabVIEW Code. She was also able to work in various older LabVIEW versions and in addition navigated her way through several older issues of TestStand.

EnvisEng, and therefore Karina Taylor’s work has been consistently superior throughout the years and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come.”


Paul Briozzo, Associate Lecturer

“For close to a decade, Karina Taylor director of EnvisEng, has been an integral part of the coordination and lecturing in the subject Manufacturing Engineering which is run at the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, University of Sydney.
Karina, brings her comprehensive and current industry experience into her teaching which has always been well received by students in mechanical, mechatronic and biomedical streams.
On the consulting side of her practice, the University of Sydney regularly briefs Karina on specialised training, research and undergraduate laboratory projects which require her expertise in the area of data acquisition and the use of LabView.
Karina has always worked positively and patiently with her colleagues, tutors and students.
I have no reservation in giving Karina Taylor my highest recommendation to any potential new clients.”

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